The Ottawa Ice Cats 9948 inaugural Season was 2004-2005. As a SR A Team we won several League Championships including the
Open Division. We added several Tournament championships and a Provincial Silver and a Gold in 2007, at which point we elevated our status to SR AA.

Our Provincial Record: SR AA
2007-2008 Bronze
2008-2009 Silver
2009-2010 Eliminated in OT in Quarter-finals
2010–2011 Silver
2011-2012 Silver
2012-2013 Bronze

We are a Competitive Team with Open Tryouts, and each year we turn over players as at this age and stage of life, academics, family and career often dictate player availability.

We are always on the lookout for the “special” player at any time of year, and our squad is full of AA, CIS, and NCAA grads.

Our charter is to engage players who are still competitive, and continue to strive for self-improvement though excellence in team sports.
Personal success and team success are mutually supportive.

We try to schedule one out of town Tournament, and attend the Provincials every year. The rest of our games are local with the
occasional out of town game. Our Home Ice is Carleton U on Fridays at 6:00 and 7:30 PM, as we alternate the ice with our AA colleagues.

We organize some social events, and have 2 major fund raisers. A summer Golf Tournament, and an NHL Hockey Pool.

We strive to create a positive, pleasant, and supportive environment off the ice, in the dressing room, and on the ice.

Our Coaches are experienced and have a realistic approach to Senior AA Hockey. We recognize the demands of school, career, and family, and never expect a player to make every game. Since we play 1.5 hour games, we sign 2 Goalies, 6 Defence, and 9 Forwards as Regulars. We also sign extra Spare players, as to get 9F and 4D to any game is always a challenge with personal schedules.

Our Training Staff is top notch, and we don’t just have a Trainer who took a 1 day course, but a Kinesiology Grad who can help with
wrapping, and other supportive and rehab issues.

-Len Sheedy, Coach